SSH authorized_keys

I have been using SSH for a while to login to my dreamhost web account. Each time I log in using a username and password.

I would like to enable the feature of SSH where it uses a key pair to authenticate me instead of a password. I have used this successfully on other environments by placing the trusted key in the ~/.ssh/authorized_keys file.

This appears not to work on dreamhost. I suspect that this is because the home directory is not 700 it is 755. Does anyone have experience setting this up on dreamhost? Can I change the permissions on my home directory or will that prevent backups from working correctly?

This should work…

Are your permissions on ~/.ssh 700 and on ~/.ssh/authorized_keys 644?

Ok. I got something to work. Here is what I was doing wrong and what I did to make it work.

I am using Putty on my local machine. And I have pageant running in my system tray to manage my keys. I know this software works because I can log into my own SSH server without any trouble.

I ran the putty logging and it appears that I needed to be sending a SSH2 key. I was trying with an SSH1 key before.

So I generated a new SSH2 key and put it in my pageant key manager. Then I put the public key into a file named authorized_keys2 on the server and it started working.