SSH and Putty Question

My question is very similar another user’s on the subject, but it didn’t really give me an answer.

I’m new to PuTTy. That being said, I can’t figure out why it keeps shutting down on me.

I got the putty.exe file (for WinXP) from the PuTTy download page.

I click on it and get the configuration screen - I specify “,” which brings up the terminal screen and a login prompt. I use the main ftp login and password from my account, there is a flash of scrolling, and then the PuTTy window closes down.

It took me several tries with a screen capture, but I finally was able to see that it was, indeed, the gotcha screen (nice ASCII art) with my last login information and a friendly warning from Dreamhost not to do anything illegal.

What the heck is going on?! I know I’ll feel like an even bigger dope than I already do when the answer is really simple, but it’s really starting to frustrate me.

This won’t answer your question, but there is an option at the bottom of the main PuTTY configuration screen that may help. It’s labelled, “close window on exit.” Set this to “Never.” Then, you might be able to see an error message.

As promised, I feel like a big dope.

I had not changed my user to have shell access. Once I did this and it took effect (about 20 min.), everything seems to be working fine.

Thank you, Mark, for your response, anyhow.