SSH and FTP show different content


I’ve just started at Dreamhost and imported a tar.gz of my cPanel content from another site via FTP.

I can see it in the FTP app (FireFTP), but when I SSH in I can’t see the file.

When I try to expand it using the migrator function, it can’t be found.

Both directories have Maildir and logs, but SSH shows hidden files like .bashrc and the FTP app does not.

Are these symlinks? If so, how can I get the file to expand?


Wait, I’m a different user in FTP as to SSH so I have different home directories?!?!

Use the same user for both.
Turn on Show hidden files in filezilla.

On a related note: the user shown in the WEB HOSTING column on the MANAGE DOMAINS page in the panel is the user that will be available to apache to serve files for the domain. You must place the files under THAT user or they will not be web accessible.

On the manage users page you can edit a user to determine if it has SSH access or only ftp etc.
Clarification: More specifically, the user shown on manage domains should have a directory within the home directory named the same as the domain name, this is created on the user automatically when you add hosting for a domain/sub-domain. Apache will be looking there… so for example:

/home/USER/DOMAIN.COM/index.php would be served at http://DOMAIN.COM

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