SSH access to VPS

I was talking to a live support agent and she mentioned that VPS do not have SUDO access any more. How are you managing your VPS without SUDO access?
Sorry. I guess I missed this change when it came out. I guess this is old news.


The ‘sudo’ change isn’t that old. I don’t dig too deeply into server config, so it’s not something I need…else I’d get DreamCompute instead which looks to be quite decently priced.

What is it you needed to manage with sudo?

Oh, I will be switching to dream compute. It was a bit odd, it seems since my users were admin users I lost access to them when the switch happened. So it was a sudo and ssh issue.

When I started using DreamHost VPS’s DreamCompute did not exist. I would have chose that. I am happy, because it appears to be cheaper anyway (unless I am missing some fine print).

The reason I needed SUDO access is because I was managing most aspects of what was installed and running. I was basically using it as a personal server in the cloud for whatever I wanted, not so much a “web server” although I was running a web server on it.