Ssh access denied [resolved]

I am trying to access shell on my account and am having trouble.

First, I changed my main user from FTP to FTP/Shell on the manage users tab… I waited 20 minutes, then tried to login using PuTTY but it still says “This account allows only FTP connections.”

So I created another account for shell access… I waited another 20 minutes and tried logging in using that account, however I only get access denied messages. I am 100% sure that I am using the correct password.

Is there some setting I need to change in PuTTY ??!

I don’t think there’s any magic there. The “updater” at DH may be not running. Poke DH support and see if they can see a reason.

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Yeah it’s fixed now… I contacted them and they said a network problem was preventing the updates from being run.