SSD VPS vs Normal VPS?


What is the difference between the normal VPS and the new SSD VPS? Are there any drawbacks/cons to having SSD VPS?

I noticed it doesn’t say “Unlimited Disk Space” with SSD VPS, so does that mean for $15/mo, you only get a 30GB SSD Disk Space and that’s it?

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I found this:

which states that $15 gets you 1 GB ram and 30 GB storage. $30 gets you 2 GB ram and 60 GB storage. So apparently, the answer to your question is “yes”. The only question now is to determine how much space you are currently using.

Can’t deny that’s a great price for RAM, though.

The RAM price is great, but I’m using over 150 GB in space for all of my sites and that will probably increase a bit more than the maximum 240 GB offering through the SSD program. $120/mo would be way too expensive for me.

Would a CDN work for you? The combination of SSD VPS and CDN might be faster and cheaper than what you are getting now.

The reason why you don’t get “unlimited” HDD space with SSD is because the SSD harddrives are way more expensive, but faster than the normal (S)ATA harddrives. You can look up on google to see the speed difference in SATA harddrives and SSD harddrives.

For example:

ocz site gives a better / overview example.

Also keep in mind that our Unlimited Policy does not apply to SSD-based VPS servers, nor to Dedicated Servers — you have a finite amount of disk space on those plans, and it’s yours to use however you want. (Subject to our general Acceptable Use Policy, of course.) While this won’t affect most users, it does have some interesting implications — for instance, if you want to use some of your VPS’s disk space to store personal data and/or backups, that’s fine.

Is Dreamhost planning on going to an all SSD-based VPS model and ending “unlimited disk storage” for existing VPS customers?

I would like to know that too.

Can I upgrade one of my current VPS plans to the new VPS and get the 1GB memory ?

even with out the unlimited disk space that would be a better option

Well…not quite.

Since it’s on a different drive, you need to create a new VPS, transfer your domains over to it, and then destroy the old VPS. This is what I did. You get 1 GB memory and 30GB storage.

So yes, you can upgrade, but your current VPS can’t. You have to put all your stuff in a new box.

FWIW, when you transfer a domain to the new VPS, you get a message that says it takes 15-30 minutes for the transfer to be complete. It took longer than that. I gave up watching after an hour and went to bed. By the morning, all my domains had transferred over. This is probably because it’s new, and those systems are getting pounded a bit. I would imagine that after a month or so, when there are fewer barbarians at the gate, it really will take only 15-30 minutes.

It also depends on how much data we’re talking about :slight_smile: I moved my wife’s HD from SATA to SDD and it took forEVER.

200G later…

I have several different plans now some with unlimited disk space.
(shared hosting and 2 non SSD VPS )

Any suggestions on the best way to take advantage of the slower but unlimited storage. What would be ideal would be to do something like mount an unlimited volume on my New SSD VPS however keep large backup storage on the old one.

I can imaging that is going to be a world of pain dealing with things like custom package installs, https certificates and fixed IP addresses.

In an ideal world my VPS would be a nice portable container but I think I will hold off on moving until I really start to push the limits of the RAM im using now.

I’m sorry, but that’s not an option. The unlimited storage on your current VPS is subject to our Unlimited Policy; you can’t use it for backups.