SSD Shared hosting

Yesterday Dreamhost announced new SSD storage for shared hosting. All new customer will get it. Old customers can request to be moved on a new server with SSD storage. I’ve asked so for my account and I’ll let know how it goes.

My sites are hosted on Dreamhost since 2003 and even if I’m not been happy for some things (lack of PHP updates for a long time, now fixed) now they started to amaze me again and I’m happy to be here :wink:


How can I request to be moved?
I really can´t afford to lose anything,
is there a risk to it?

Simply contact support. They’ll COPY all your data to the new server so you’ll not loose anything (but Analog logs and Apache logs, so backup the last ones).
I’ve been informed that they will not be able to move me for 1-2 weeks. I suppose they got a lot of requests. Will wait…

Thank you.
I will do so.

My account has been moved on a SSD shared server on 11/3, exactly six days after my request. What to say? Amazing speed improvements for all my sites, even WP based.
Great thing, glad to be on Dreamhost.
Also thank to the support: I’ve reported two small issues and they solved them really fast!

Does SSD hosting help for Google adwords adds (getting a better positon to top of page)? We have site and we are ready to move it on dreamhost SSD if it’s helpfull.

No, moving your site to a server that uses SSD storage will not affect your Adword placement.

These things are unrelated.