SRV Record - Whats wrong?


I want to know if im doing this SRV record correcly.

Type: SRC
Value: 1 1 25565

Well i want to listen on 25565, the the name( is where the server is running.

Is this all i need?


That looks backwards. I think that should be:

Name: _minecraft._tcp.create (
Type: SRV
Value: 1 1 25565

If you don’t have a separate web site running at, though, it’s simpler to just set up an A record:

Name: create (
Type: A


So if i make the SRV record when they use they will connect to on port 25565
Edit: hmm there was 1 small problem for the value i got this error “Invalid: “169” is not a valid TLD for a domain!”, so i just made an a record and pointed that to the ip.

Thanks alot for your help!


Ah, that’s right — you can only set up a SRV record to point to a name, not to an IP address. You’ll need to create a separate DNS record to point to the IP (use type = A, value = the IP, and any placeholder name you want), and refer to that name in the SRV record instead of using the IP.