I need help! I only know the basics of web design and know very, very little about SquirrelMail and how it’s set up. My college professor set up my SquirrelMail for me about 7 or so years ago. SquirrelMail does not have a tech support and my professor passed away… so here I am!

I have never had any problems until just recently. All of a sudden, cannot login to my SquirrelMail. It gives me this error: Unknown user or password incorrect.

I do not know why. I was on vacation and forgot to pay my monthly subscription for my website. It was suspended for a couple days until I realized I hadn’t paid the bill. I do not know if this would have something to do with it. I can login to my mailbox manager… but not my actual mailbox.

Does anyone have any advice they can offer?

Try the RoundCube interface. Username will be you@example.com and your same password.

Thanks for your help Sdayman… I am still having no luck. Any other suggestions?

Try changing your password in the mailbox manager. That might force a refresh that will get it working again.