Is there a way to customize/edit my squirrelmail login screen? Alot of my users are blocked out because it has the keywords ‘webmail’ on the page, and if I could take that out they’d be able to access it.

Is it possible?

Your users shouldn’t be having trouble with the keyword “webmail” on their screen at the login screen because the only place it shows up is in an image (I checked the page souce and it’s not in there, either).

At any rate, YES, you can customize the login screen by changing the login logo. Create an image that is 308x111px and name it “sm_logo.png”. Replace the image with the same name into webmail.yourdomain.com/images and you should be good to go!

You can use the Webmail tab in the DH panel to customize your login screen. Click on edit on the right side of the page, and enter the URL to another logo instead (just remember to upload that logo to your webspace first).
You can also change the URL and the title if you like.

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I knew I had seen that somewhere in the webpanel. A little easier than my work around!