%$#@* Squirrelmail!

I log into a Squirrelmail account and spend about a half hour composing an email, then I click SEND and I get
“You are not logged in, please go to Log-in page”

and of course the email I composed is gone.

WTF? do I have to compose everything in a Word Processor and copy and paste? Is there a time-limit on being logged in to Squirrelmail?
I can’t find it in the Options menu.

I’ve been logged out after leaving a browser window on a webmail page for too long also. So I’ve learned the hard way that it’s a good idea to copy (ctrl+c) what was just typed before clicking “send.” Then it’s not a big hassle.


I’m sure this happens to everybody exactly once. After the first time, nobody wants to do that again. The trick is that unless there’s any activity, the browser session times out after (I think) 20 minutes and if you take longer than that to compose a mail, then you’re out of luck.

Solutions include the notification popup, or copying the text before send, or doing some action every now and then, even if it’s just an address lookup or anything else to keep the browser session alive.

Yes, it’s a pain. I’d guess that this isn’t about the Squirrelmail product itself but an issue with web interfaces in general, so I wouldn’t blame it on the squirrel - even though it could be smart enough to keep the session alive.

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Squirrel mail does save your e-mail usually and recovers it next time you try to compose. The settings for that are on the options screen.

Yeah, Squirrelmail tries to save the email, unfortunately, in my experience it doesn’t always work. I strongly recommend copying whatever you typed to the clipboard before you click the send button, whether you’re using webmail, forums, or anything else. Can save a lot of headaches :slight_smile: