SquirrelMail slow?

Is anyone else having issues with the speed of SquirrelMail? I’m trying to figure out if it’s just a slow application or if it’s a server thing.

  • When the folders refresh on the left, about half the list shows immediately then waits for a good 30 seconds, then displays the other half of the list
  • Clicking into a folder takes 20-30 seconds usually for the messages to display.
  • Same for clicking on a message.
  • Clicking Reply, Compose, Addresses, anything in there is nearly instant however. Sending is usually no more than a second or two.

Getting through to my mail is downright painful. I resorted to using PINE for a while just to get something done, and that did not seem anywhere near as slow. Same thing for Thunderbird, which is my preferred email app.

Anyone care to hazard a guess as to whether it’s the SquirrelMail app or something else?

If it is SquirrelMail, has anyone installed or used any other webmail type program to check their (IMAP) mail?

I think Squirrelmail is hosted on a separate machine altogether from the one hosting your site. I think that machine is veeeeery slow. Try installing Squirrelmail on your own site; it might be a lot faster.

Pine is teh win :slight_smile:

Although lately I’ve been needing to access multiple email accounts, and haven’t been able to figure out how to configure Pine to gracefully handle multiple accounts. Any suggestions?

To handle multiple accounts in Pine, you need to:

1] set the enable-incoming-folders feature
2] add the INBOXes at all your accounts to your incoming-folders list
3] add the mailstore specification for each of your IMAP accounts to your folder-collections list

I’ve written about this on my Power Pine page, which is here:

and my IMAP Service Providers page in this section:


Some of the information is specific to DreamHost.

Feedback is welcome!

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Our squirrelmail install is hosted on a cluster of load balanced machines so it shouldn’t be too terribly slow. Right now all the loads are fairly low so that side of things should be fine. If you are seeing chronic slowness like this you may want to let us know so we can gather some details that may help us figure out why. Or you can use Pine if that works for you.

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Thanks, Nancy. I’ll give your page a deeper look when I catch my breath. What you said about how to make Pine play nice with multiple accounts sounds similar to what I’ve already done, but I may have missed some steps. Thanks again :slight_smile:

Dallas: I’ll submit a support ticket about the webmail slowness.