Squirrelmail --> roundcube: recover address book?



i have just switched my webmail from squirrelmail to roundcube… didn’t realize the address book i had in squirrelmail would not get transferred!

is there any way, at this point, to recover the old squirrelmail address book and import it into roundcube?

thanks… cheers!


I don’t believe we currently have any way to convert the address book from one mail application to the other, but if you switch your domain’s webmail back to SquirrelMail, I’m pretty sure your old address book will still be there.


ok… and can squirrelmail export to vCard (which roundcube can import!)?


answering myself… hehe!

went back to squirrelmail… addresses were still there!
squirrelmail exports only CSV… did that.
used PyCoCuMa http://https://pypi.python.org/pypi/PyCoCuMa/0.4.5-6 to convert CSV --> VCF.
imported to roundcube!

cool… hope this helps someone else!