Squirrelmail problem

I was in CA this weekend using a friends computer and when I tried to logon to webmail I kept getting an error message.
I could logon to the mailboxes and see the headers but if I tried to read one of the emails I would still get the error message.
Now I am back in FL and everything is fine.
Is it because I didn’t vote for Bush?


[quote]Is it because I didn’t vote for Bush?


The truth is: all the West Coast states as well as those along the Eastern seaboard which didn’t vote for Bush have been banned. So once you’re back in Florida, everything is fine.

You know it’s a joke, right? :smiley:

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Sorry about that.
My attempt at bad humor.
But the problem was legit. I could not access any email through squirrelmail and I was curious as to possible reasons. Could it have been local settings on the computer?


Well I certainly don’t want to start a flamewar, especially on such an emotionally charged topic - but I gotta say… if we were going to ban people based on their votes, it’s probably not California that would be getting banned - and you’d be SOL now that you’re back home.

Since someone else brought it up, I’ll point out my favorite post-election link…
It helped me process the whole thing emotionally a little bit… I even got a little teary a couple of times.

Ok… now I forbid further political discussion, or at least move it to the off-topic section.

I’m thinking the change of location is unrelated… that is an odd problem, and let us know if you see it again.