SquirrelMail Installation

Hi forum members,

I’m very new to web development. Actually, I’m completely new. I’ve just set up my first site rossromeo.com which is a very simple wordpress site with one of the free themes that come with it by default. Apart from adding a few pages and changing the default home page, the only customizations I have made are adding a couple of plugins: a contact form and multilingual functionality. As you can see, nothing beyond the most absolute beginner level.

I decided to host my own SquirrelMail because I need one of the plugins, specifically the one that enables HTML editing, and I can’t install any on the version that is installed directly on wordpress. My site is for my business as a translator, and as a language professional I figure that having well formatted and nicely presented emails is essential.

Up to the moment I have managed to download SquirrelMail onto my computer and create the subdomain nutmail.rossromeo.com. Then, through the manage users section I accessed my folders using Pydio and created two folders, data and attach. Then, through the GUI, not using any command line, I changed both folders permissions to 730 (it was set at 0757 before. I don’t know if I should have set it at 0730 instead of 730, but since the tutorial said 730 that’s what I did).

Now the next step should be to unzip the SquirrelMail files and upload them to my nutmail.rossmeo.com domain (I think. The tutorial isn’t very clear, it just says upload to the folder you just created, but I created several different ones… If it’s not nutmail.rossromeo.com please let me know).

So I started uploading, and here is where the problem is: it will not let me upload folders. Inside the SquirrelMail there are both loose files and several levels of folders… quite a lot of them. Should I just replicate the folders one by one and copy the files into them and do the same with sub-folders and so on? I don’t mind doing it, but it seems like they would have a way of doing this that I’m not managing to figure out, therefore this may not be what I’m supposed to be doing… I’m not sure. Maybe there’s a way to unzip once it’s already uploaded? Furthermore, if I do it manually, creating each folder individually and then uploading the contents for each folder separately, do I need to change the permissions for these new folders also? If so, do I need to change them to 730 or to something else?

Lots of questions, I know, but I’ve got absolutely no knowledge of any web design and how servers work, so it’s all new to me. I’m really enjoying doing it, but I’m realizing how little I know!

Thanks in advance to anyone reading this huge post!


I’m also trying to install SquirrelMail to use over AtMail. I was able to upload SquirrelMail onto my server using the WebFTP, Pydio. Side note, if you install Perl on your machine and use the SquirrelMail config script, it is WAY easier than trying to edit it with an editor.

My problem is that I ran the configtest url and it said everything was fine, but when I try to log in, I get an “Warning: Illegal string offset ‘INBOX.’” message. I’ve tried Google and cant seem to find any info about this error for Squirrel Mail. Hoping a good Samaritan will pass by and be able to help.