Squirrelmail configuration

Hi there,
I’ve installed my own version of squirrelmail (1.4.16) in my hosting and I’ve some problems aparently with the SMTP server. Everything seems to work fine: I can log into from my subdomain, get and read messages but I’m not able to send messages!

I’ve tried a couple of configurations:
a) SMTP port 587, SMTP authentication login (with IMAP user and password): Command not implemented 502 Error: command not implemented
b) SMTP port 587, SMTP authentication none: Transaction failed
554 jnd@dublin.ie: Relay access denied

If I use detect auto mechanism for SMTP authentication in conf.pl I get the following information:

Testing none: NOT SUPPORTED
Testing login: NOT SUPPORTED

Any idea about how to config the SMTP stuff? Any idea will be appreciated.



Is dublin.ie your domain that’s hosted here? Are you reading your mail from the mail.dublin.ie mailserver here?


No, that’s the email address I was trying to send a message…

I’ve changed SMTP by sendmail and works fine but I’m still looking for an answer…

A mail server that’s not hosting your domain will generally refuse to send mail from that domain. In other words, it’s an anti-spoofing measure. I shouldn’t be able to send mail from here as me@worldsbiggestsuperisp.com because worldsbiggestsuperisp.com isn’t hosted here.


Hello all,

I just upgraded squirrelmail(1.4.16) with plugins - Secure Login version 1.4 by Paul Lesniewski on May 14, 2008. It does not allow users to login.
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If I configured without the plugins - Secure Login version 1.4 by Paul Lesniewski, it allowed to login without ssl.

From the previous installation of squirrelmail(1.4.15) with plugins by Paul Lesniewski on Feb 27, 2007 (version 1.3). Everything works fine. Users can login and send mails…etc…

I’ve read the instruction from squirrelMail that required to change owner chown -R nobody.nobody /var/lib/php/session, but it does not help either.

Sorry I forgot to tell that my OS is RHEL 4 AS with the latest update.

Changing session.auto_start to 1 in php.ini, I got a differenet error mesage.
Unknown user or password incorrect.
Go to the login page

If anyone has a solution, please help me out.

Thank you,


That doesn’t seem to be the same issue as the original poster’s sending issues. Contact whomever is Tech Support for that RedHat box you’re using.