Squirrelmail account password changed? Has my account been compromised?

I haven’t recieved e-mail from my ludopathic.co.uk squirrel mail account since Saturday the 5th October since all my requests from various mail clients have been rejected as having the wrong password.

I can’t get into the dreamhost CP to do any resetting of the e-mail’s password, because I forgot my DH password. I can’t request a password reset from the DH CP because it’s only linked to my ludopathic.co.uk e-mail! I’m stuck!

I’ve had this e-mail account for a long time (lots of stuff registered to it), so obviously, this is rather troubling.

I didn’t initially set up the hosting situation so it’s a bit of a mess: I’m hosted by fasthosts, but for some reason, my ludopathic squirrelmail is still done by DreamHosts (I think?). I don’t know if it had maybe slipped between the cracks for this many years, or something, and now it’s been “cleaned up”?

I can’t seem to get through on the regular contact form - I’ve had to use my alternate e-mail address, because obviously, I can’t log in to my e-mail to respond to any contact. I’m worried that it might be seen as a scamming attempt: I can provide other forms of ID in a private message if need be.

Please help?

use this contact form: http://www.dreamhost.com/contact/

and to route your request the right humans at dreamhost, pick “I’ve forgotten my password!” in the drop down box.

Thank you!