SquirrellMail, RoundCube, and PINE

My story thus far… I’ve had many troubles with SquirrellMail, so when I was browsing through wiki.dreamhost.com and saw RoundCube I thought this might be a good alternative. I followed the instructions there as best I could with my limited UNIX skills (let me emphasize LIMITED) and was dismayed at the end when I was unable to complete the instructions. Dreamhost would not allow me to add a new subdomain called webmail.mydomainname.com because it said it already existed! Eeek! Hours later, I don’t even have access to SquirrellMail (even though I re-Enabled webmail).

My story does not end there however. I thought to myself, “Ah well, at least I can use PINE”. So I went into PINE and tried to configure it for my e-mail address. Well, now that isn’t working either, so I’m screwed on both accounts and can no longer receive e-mail. I sent a request for help but have heard nothing, so…

How should PINE be configured? It would seem to me that the basics of its configuration should be posted on the wiki or somewhere, but I’m not able to find them. To date, I have it setup as:

personal-name = dennis user-domain = mail.horsethieves.com/novalidate-cert smtp-server = mail.horsethieves.com/novalidate-cert inbox-path = <No Value Set: using "{murdock.dreamhost.com/novalidate-cert}INBOX This is obviously not working, and it’s been over 12 hours since I’ve received e-mail. Any ideas?

Also (thinking ahead), does anyone know whether there is a way to access folders created in SquirellMail from within PINE?



You might try this wiki entry on Dreamhost:


Another fantastic resource for Pine stuff:


Both of these should get you what you need. I have Pine working just fine on my account. All your folders should be accessible in either Squirrelmail or Pine, as they are standard IMAP type folders (provided you haven’t done anything to change them from the default configuration.)

What sort of issues did you have with the “Squirrel” originally, as I’ve found SquirrelMail to be very reliable.

Also, looking at your PINE configuration lines,
You probably just need the personal name of Dennis, and the user-domain should be set to your web domain, without any subdomains (e.g. horsethieves.com). The smtp-server and inbox-path don’t need to be configured.

Hope that helps.


Regarding your alternative e-mail system, how about domain.com/webmail ? You should also know that RoundCube is still incomplete and potentially buggy. I wouldn’t use it as my primary webmail quite yet.

All 3 mail systems can co-exist without any problems… OK, well maybe if all 3 are being used at the same time… They use IMAP to read the same mail space.

Please note: your problems with SquirrelMail may actually be related to larger/other network problems at DH including the switch issues and the current IMAP/SMTP issues.