Squirrelcart Error--help!


On Mon, 07 Aug 2006, you wrote:

[quote]When I try to log into my website, I get this message.

Squirrelcart Error: Failed to connect to MySQL. Check your username,
password, and sql host in your configuration.


Support responded with the following, but I’m really lost because it was working this morning.

The database information in the
/lilangelspersonalizedgifts.com/squirrelcart/config.php file does not
match the what you have configured for that database. You will have to
correct those errors to get the site working.

If you require further assistance please let us know.


I’m not sure what this means-or how to fix it. It was all working just fine earlier this morning and I uploaded a .gif file, then it quit working. I deleted the file because I thought it might have caused a problem (even though I couldn’t see how), but I am still getting the error.

Could you please help me? Is there a way to go back to previous settings if I changed something by mistake?

Do you know what these MySQL things are:
database name

First, trying typing in http://[hostname]/ and see if you get a username and password prompt.
Type in the username and password and then phpMyAdmin should appear. Check to make sure the database name is listed in the left frame.

If that works, there is no problem with DreamHost database server. So the problem would be with the script. As support said, you will have to modify the settings in config.php and generally this is straightforward:

  1. download config.php in ASCII mode
  2. open it in a text file editor
  3. Find the variables and set the appropiate values
  4. save the file
  5. upload it in ASCII mode

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