Squirrel Mail's 10kb import limit help

Okay, so I got the back up off the old server, BUT the files are about 16kbs. And Squirrel Mail says I can only upload max 10kbs. Just weird that is the max. I need some help getting this addy book into the account. Please help.

If this is just a plain text address book, can’t you split the file and then import it?

I’ve never tried this, so I don’t know what a SquirrelMail address book file looks like, but for Gmail, it lets me use a CSV format. At worst, it’ll have a header on the file you can add to the second half of the split.



you just lost me. On regesterDotcom’s webmail, I exported the address book out in the 2 available options, one was a CSV format and the other was LDIF format. The latter is bigger in file size compared to the CSV file, so I tried to import the CSV file first.

Is it Really stretching to say that no one has ever used the import feature through squirrel mail and come across this issue? We are only talking 75 contacts in these address books.

If SquirrelMail will take a CSV file, make two copies of the file: file1 and file2 (and keep your original).

Open them both up in a text editor (Notepad on Windows, or TextEdit on Mac).
In the first file, delete the last half of the lines and save the file.
In the second file, delete the first half of the lines, but save the header line, if it has one that says something like “Name, E-mail” and then save that.
Now Import one file at a time.

Let us know how this goes.


WORKED LIKE A CHARM. Thanks Scott you are an asset.

Cool! Though the 10k limit seems pretty ridiculous.