Squirrel Mail


Hello there,

My question is more along the lines of a request really, but there are questions I do have.

  1. Why can we not access our webmail.your domain.com folder? I can upload files to what ever other folder I have on my site, but cannot upload to that specific folder. The reason I ask is 2-fold:
    ********1. If I want to update the current version of Squirrel Mail (which is actually 1.4.10) to 1.4.13 (which is the latest stable release), I should be able to do so – without having to request you guys to do it.
    ********2. IF, I wanted to use a different software for webmail, I should be able to choose to, and should be able to access that portion of the database (the one that currently runs my Squirrel Mail).

  2. IF the above is too far out of the realm of possibilities, then can we get a different webmail software installed for everyone? I ask because any time I get email from my squirrel mail – it double posts (2 entries for one email received) all of the mail that I get from it in my Outlook. I have gone through all of my Outlook settings 6 times, and I have tried different things to get this to stop, but it continues to give me 2 emails for every one. If that sounds confusing, trust me it is – I am trying to say that if someone sends me 1 email (ie, “hello there…blah, blah, blah.”) to my squirrel mail account, and I open up my outlook and perform a send/receive – I will receive 2 emails that are EXACTLY the same --> “hello there…blah, blah, blah.” -->from that person.

If there is anything that you know of that could correct my problem, please tell me, I will implement it immediately. If you could make the folder available to us so that we can make the updates/upgrades ourselves, that would be nice too. On that last note, I am also aware that we have the ability to use any webmail software that may be available elsewhere, by simply installing it to our root directory and following the installation instructions – I would just prefer not to do that – I would prefer to use the “webmail.your domain.com” folder. Someone has made this suggestion (using a different webmail software) because the Squirrel Mail is very unattractive – I do agree with that, and I know there are others available.

MAYBE, you could make it a choice of “1 Click Installs” for different webmail softwares – instead of one default software – would make a nice choice for us – if you follow me :slight_smile:

Thank you, for any and all help, Mike


Squirrel Mail is a webmail frontend, not a mailserver.

Delete the account from Outlook and set it up using mail.yourdomain.com as the mailserver. If you continue to receive ‘double mails’, ensure you haven’t mixed any custom redirects, forwarders, etc. thru your panel.


You would have to disable the Webmail feature for your domain. Then I think you can create your own “webmail.mydomain.com” subdomain. And you can install whatever you want in there.

The only catch is that you can no longer use SSL (https) for webmail.mydomain.com. The current SquirrelMail system does have an SSL key for encryption, though it won’t match your domain name. Not a biggie since I can set my browser to allow the cert.



@sXi – you friggin GENIUS!! Why didn’t I see that before – I completely forgot to check the rules set for the account!!

I went through them and found I had 2 different rules for the account, and hence the “double posting” – deleted the one – and now no more “double posting” – Thanx a ton mate :wink:

@sdayman – thank you for that bit of info mate. will keep it in mind for future reference.


by the way, i’ve been terribly frustrated by how slowly squirrel seems to run. so i took a look in the DH wiki, and found this article:


which explains how to set up your own installation of squirrelmail

there is an implication that you could get this setup with the webmail.yourdomain if you talked to a tech. it does seem to rule out an HTTPS connection, but i’m not entirely sure about that, and maybe you could work around it by ssh-tunnelling…