Squirrel mail problems

does anyone else use squirrel mail to check their email? do we have to? it’s the worse service ever. i can barely ever get on, and when i do it always crashes or logs me off.

You don’t have to use squirrelmail to access your e-mail, it’s just something that DreamHost has automatically setup for accessing your e-mail using a web browser. You can of course use POP3 or IMAP clients on your computer. There maybe services like Hotmail or Yahoo that allow you to access your e-mail through their web site by giving them your mailbox account information.

Another option is to install a different web application in your user directory on DreamHost. If you do any Perl scripting, its also relatively easy to write a CGI script to retrieve your e-mail with POP3 (I haven’t tried coding for IMAP or maildir format myself) as well as sending e-mail using Sendmail.

It’s always worked OK when I’ve tested it (although I rarely use it for any serious mail reading)… We have had some problems with scalability, and we’re working on a new webmail system - a working beta test should be underway soon.

It’s also possible that the load on the mail server itself was high and that this caused some timeouts.

It definitely shouldn’t be crashing or logging you off though - if you’re experiencing problems like that, you should probably contact support (make sure to let them know which email address you’re having problems with).

When on the road, I’ve seen some problems using Squirrel Mail – mainly, (I think), the ‘too many persistent connections open to database’ MySQL error. But this would fit in with your mention of scalability problems? Usually just a quick refresh or just leaving it for a few minutes solves it for me.

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Either Squirrel Mail, the mail system or MySQL is having a difficult time scaling properly. I used Squirrel Mail on DreamHost as my primary mail client for several months as I was unable to setup external mail at a client’s site.

It’s a good solution if you have no other choice, but I suggest you take Atropos7’s advice and setup a mail client to use either POP3 or IMAP. You will still need to use your ISP’s SMTP server in order to send mail.

Add in another user thats’s dissapointed with SM performance. Can’t wait to see if your new system will make a difference.


Count me too.

Dreamhost was highly recommend me by several friends, so I transferred the sites of two of my clients to Dreamhost.


Last time it’s awful! Every day I see the panel.dreamhost.com down, and webmail doesn’t work half a day, and what is most important - evenings!

I hope that this is the temporary situation, because I started to receive mails from my clients.

Best regards.

I’ve used Sm on DH for a while and been very pleased. However in the last couple of days its gone from being bugged out to totally down. I’ve been able to dl using pop mail fine though.
The panel used to actually be worse! Still it is kinda slow and labourious to do anything.

Hi Katty, webu -

I’ll agree with SquirrelMail - it’s actually quite a nice web-based email system feature-wise, but it doesn’t scale nearly as well as we thought it would. We’re already in the process of implementing a replacement, which we will be offering Real Soon Now™.

In the meantime, if webmail gives you trouble, we suggesting trying again a bit later or using a standard POP3/IMAP email client.

As for the web panel, webu is correct in that it used to be a lot slower. While it’s not perfect interface-wise, I would have to defend it by saying that it’s a lot more ambitious than most similar systems, and allows customers to do much more. Of course, our work is never done, and there are always at least a few dumb bugs and inefficient behaviors that we really should fix.

Of course, if there’s a specific part of the panel that is broken for you or is particularly annoying, please let us know. Preferably here in the discussion forum, so that other people can chip in. I’ll point our Dev guys to your suggestions, which is the best way to get them fixed.

In any case, the last couple of days have been very heavy load for us, and this has caused some problems. We’re working on resolving them and your patience is much appreciated, but we’re already seeing the light at the end of the tunnel (would that make this a near death experience?). :>

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