Squirrel Mail Down

Hello All,

Has anyone in the last hour or so lost connection to their Squirrel mail?

I cannot enter into my email account nor can i log into my account via Dreamshost…hence why i am emailing the forum.

If anyone else out there is having the same problem as i please let me know ASAP.

Awaiting replies,


I can get in fine with the shell, but there’s a ton of PHP errors when I try to get e-mail with squirrel mail. And I can’t log in to the panel.

I can now see the panel but yes PHP and other unsual message on the shell…and now it says it cannot accept my username and password!!! :frowning:

Anyone else having this problem??

i think there was a webpanel update last night.

“We will be performing some maintenance on our central databases beginning Wednesday, June 20 at 10PM PDT and ending 4 hours later at Thursday, June 21 at 2AM PDT. The expected downtime within this window is 2 hours. This will bring the DreamHost Webpanel, as well DreamHost-provided Squirrelmail offline.”

I cannot access my squirrelmail, maybe thats causing it.

It’s working for me right now.