Squirrel Mail, and Apple's Mail, and Horde Mail

I am a first time poster, and so far love this new hosting company. I just switched because a company I was using BAILED without refund.

The server used Horde Mail, and I looked and looked for Exporting options, and there was nothing. Since the server was going under, and I needed to swtich the DH, I setup my account for MAIL, and it of course d-loaded all of my emails (about 250) to mail, so I have them :), but dont know how to export out of there so I can import into Squirrel Mail. Thanks for all your help in advance.

Squirrel Mail is an IMAP setup, so you’ll need to set your mail client to use IMAP as well. Read this for how to set up Apple Mail:
You can skip the SSL warning section, but continue on to configuring your IMAP folders.

Once you’re set up, you can copy your old mail into your new account’s Mail folders, and it will sync with the DreamHost server.


Thanks for the quick responce. I have and know how to set up MAIL to accept mail from the server to the MAIL. I need to get all my old emails into Squirrel mail. So I can check those emails via webmail, when I am away on business.

I have all my old emails of couse, in MAIL. and have set up my new email (same email addy as before) and I am recieveing email, but the old has not syched with Squirrel mail.


Once you do the last step I mentioned to sync your mail with the server, your old messages will show up in Squirrelmail.


okay let me read that wiki and look for how to sync

Oh one. I use squirrel mail as a POP account. and works fine.

There is a Sychronize Accounts, but when I press it doesnt do anything. Sorry I am such a newb to this.

Do I need to change somehow to an IMAP instead of POP?

Squirrel Mail is a web-based IMAP client. If you’ve been using Apple mail as a POP client, then you’re either removing mail from the server whenever you read mail on your Mac, or you’ve set it to leave mail on the server so you can see it in Squirrel Mail as well. This setup is not good, and DreamHost will limit your inbox to 2000 or so messages because large inboxes put a huge load on the mail server.

I have my Mac set to be an IMAP client so I always have copies of my mail on the server, but I don’t leave everything in the Inbox; I’ve created other mailboxes to save mail.

You can’t just turn a POP account into an IMAP one in Mail.app. You’ll have to create a new IMAP account, then copy your POP mail into your IMAP account, then sync to the server. Then all your mail will be back on Squirrel Mail.


Okay, so I set up a email called tester@dotcom.com in DH. Then Mail>Accounts>IMAP, and set up my account there. Set up an Folder called Tester. I then took all the stuff out of my inbox and dragged it into that folder and then went up to "Messages>Sychronize tester (which was the only option, out of the 6 folders I have, figuring because it is a IMAP and the others are POP) And when I clicked Sychronize tester, it did not do anything, I checked the server, and none of my emails (250 of them) were on the squirrel mail tester@dotcom.com email account. Perhaps I am missing somehting?

You’re better off trying the following:

  1. Rename your POP account in Mail.app to oldme@mydomain.com
  2. Turn off Include when checking mail automatically
  3. Create me@mydomain.com IMAP account
  4. Follow the directions in the Wiki for IMAP on the Mac. Don’t forget the last steps to tell Mail to “Use This Mailbox for…” and the IMAP Path Prefix.
  5. Create a Saved mailbox. If your account is set up correctly, you’ll see a Saved mailbox in Squirrel Mail.
  6. Copy all of your old messages into the Saved mailbox and then sync the account.

Once you’re happy with the new setup, you can delete the old POP account in Mail.app.


I got it to work, I did not have to hit any buttons or anything, it just automatically syncs with whatever is in the inbox. I deleted my main email account, and all the Folders and then created folder with all the emails from all the differnt dot com accounts, then I deleted all the email accounts, and started fresh. I did my main dot com and then selected all the emails in the account and dragged them to the inbox, and the copied over. And sychnright over not probelm.

thanks guys for the direction. It really help. and again sorry for being a major newb.