Squeeze not copying files to hanjin

I just upgraded (apt-get update && atp-get upgrade && apt-get dist-upgrade and i fixed sources etc.) debian lenny to squeeze, all works fine BUT my rsync backup to hanjin fails.

i tried to do a scp, same error. After the first 2112 kb it stops and appears the “-stalled-” mark. Then the speed slowly goes down to 0 and after a few minutes i get the write failed-timeout error

if i try to run the same command to copy my file (a 10 mb test file) to a different host running debian lenny it works fine. And if i try to connect with that host to hanijin works fine too.

So only trying to scp or rsync from my new debian squeeze to hanijin fails

this is the command:
scp myfile.tgz bxxxxxxx@hanjin.dreamhost.com:test1/
i even sent a trouble ticket with the output of the command in verbose mode, but they suggested me to ask here or in the debian form (no support for backup space?)

ideas ? am i the only one using debian squeeze here ?