Sqlite to mysql

I’ve set up a website with forum for my wife and am already in over my head. I installed the forum Simple Machines(SMF) and it set itself up with sqlite.
We’ve had a few problems since, and one suggestion from the SMF forum was to move from sqlite to mysql.(It does support both)
I barely know what they are, and have no clue how to make the move. The site is new, but we’d rather not lose the posts that have already been made.
Is there an(easy) way to make the move and save the data? Do I even need to?
the site is www.flowercityparents.org

I’m not an SMF user, so if nobody jumps in here, do a database dump from SMF. Then create a new MySQL database and import the data:

These two steps can be done without interfering with your current setup.


SQLite -> MySQL conversion:

  • Dump each table from the SQLite database

  • Convert tables into MySQL-importable format

Reinstall SMF:

  • Create a new MySQL database

  • Rename /forum to /forum.old

  • Create new /forum directory

  • Install SMF into /forum using MySQL details

  • Import converted table data into new database

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