Sqlite ( sqlite3 ) problems, as of late? 2.27.07


Let me start off by saying I am using django. But everything as of a week ago was going fine. I have tested my setup at home and things work fine there.

I think I have deduced it to a sqlite problem on dreamhost.

Last week or so, everything was working fine with the default dreamhost setup. To try and solve this problem I have installed sqlite3 using the wiki and added the newest version of pysqlite to my enviroment.

The website works fine if I use mysql. Creating a new sqlite database does not fix the problem. And my django site is configured correctly. Accessing the django shell (puts me into the enviroment that django sees) I have no problem accessing the sqlite database or modifying it.

Has anyone else seen problems with sqlite?

Has any changes to apache been made?

I am not aware of any Apache changes but they did upgrade PHP5. May try switching to PHP4 if your app supports it and see if it will fix the issue.

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yeah, checking the status blog shows no changes recently except php5.

Django runs completely off of python. So it shouldn’t have been affected by that change.

I would think that rails people would see this problem also if they were using sqlite.

For anyone who has had this problem with sqlite these are the steps that I took to fix it.

download sqlite3
install it in your environment (as per dreamhost wiki)
In addition I added:

download and install python in your environment
(i upgraded to python2.5). This step is needed because the python associated with dreamhost is not compiled with your version of sqlite or pysqlite.
update your environment to have:

$which python2.5

download and install in this order

setuptools, pysqlite, MySQL-python, +other modules you need

for each:
$tar -zxvf
$python2.5 setup.py install --prefix=$HOME

from there everything should work.

for django users change your dispatch.fcgi:



$pkill python
$touch ~//dispatch.fcgi