SQLite database install

I’m working on a site that uses SQLite. I uploaded a test version of my site and it worked fine, but using Safari and Google browsers uses two different SQLite databases. I need to be able to use my SQLite database. How do I connect to the database I uploaded and be assued that users will connect regardless of browser? The Wiki is not much help.

How are you making use of SQLite in your site?

I’m using Javascript to connect and query the database. My site has three pages, one form page, a display page and a print page. I’m just doing insert, update, and delete.

Do you mean that you’re using Web SQL? That’s part of the web browser, not the web site; you’ll need to use something on the server side if you want the contents of your database to be seen by all visitors.

Well, I’m a little confused. I thought SQLite was used as an alternative to mySQL for light-weight usage. Is it primarily used for mobile? How many sites use SQLite, and how do they connect on the server side? I’ve been exploring converting my site to PHP and mySQL, but I’m new at PHP and my Javascript is working with SQLite. If I need to use PHP, then I may as well use mySQL. I quess I don’t really understand the usage of SQLite on the Web, other than mobile implementation. I hear it’s very popular, but who uses it on the Web if there is not a good server side implementation.

SQLite is a database engine that can be used in a number of different places, both on the client and server side. Inherently, though, if you want your users to see the results of each other’s activity, there needs to be some way for that activity to be communicated between them — that is, there needs to be something “active” running on the server, not just HTML and Javascript files.

Storing data locally on a client has its uses… they’re just kind of specific. (For instance, it might make sense for storing a user’s progress in a single-player game.)