SQL Upload

Hello, We’re new to Dreamhost, and are having problems uploading our SQL database to PHPmyadmin. Seems the server times out after 300 seconds. We have placed a trouble ticket in, asked support to upload our database for us. It has been almost 16 hours, and we still have not received a reply nor any help. I was wondering if anyone knows a way we can do this ourselves without having to bother our wonderful host.

I don’t think PHPMyAdmin is really designed for running huge scripts – it’s limited to the file upload limits set in PHP. How big is your load script? You should also make sure it isn’t trying to do things that aren’t allowed in a script, like creating the database or defining users (you do these things from panel.dreamhost.com).

I’d suggest that you upload the script to the server using SFTP, then SSH in and execute the script on the command line.

More info here:
and here

You might check the knowledge base as well (https://panel.dreamhost.com, link on upper-right) – this is a pretty common requirement.

I agree with jtheory, try importing via the command line. If you don’t want to do that, you can try this script called BigDump.