SQL tables disabled

Having issues raising support after admin at DH have disabled some of our tables.

What is the best economical hosting plan if we are deemed to be a high usage mysql user?

Our budget is tight so I not sure what to do now?

Need to get some solid advice please and any user experiences as we feel let down currently with two of our sites broken for the day and still currently down

Did they send you an email about this? Check your Support History in the panel. Sometimes, their admins can help optimize your databases so they don’t put such a heavy load on the server.

Or find a way to make your software make more efficient use of the database. What software is your site running on?

If you’ve done all you can, then your next step would be a PS database server, which starts to get expensive. Or tap into an off-site database server, even one at home with a static IP address.


Seems the DH admins have created a index

one DB has 150,000 rows so I have asked on the CMS forum how to remove old posts to get around this one

Please enable caching for the software using this

Unsure how to do this for mysql but CMS’s that have tables disabled are using caches for the rest of the CMS

One site had some bad mysql queries that use a lot of joint tables. This needs to be rewritten but will take a lot of time.

Thanks for your reply

Just out of curiousity, which CMS’s are you using?

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