Sql table query oddity



I have a member directory plugin (UserPro) that displays the Users in my wordpress database. the directory was working fine for a while, but recently it stopped showing all the users and started defaulting to show only a certain subset of them. that certain subset has nothing different about them than the others that don’t show.

I had a developer with more expertise than me take ALL my wordpress files and database and run them on his local machine. when he did that it worked fine. When bringing up my directory on his local machine, each profile shows up in the query log with unique ID numbers, but when he runs it here on dreamhost, each query shows ID=70. This is with all caches cleared. I don’t know how it could even display different profiles with the same ID each time, but in any case he thinks it has something to do with some kind of query filter on dream host’s end or a corrupted table. i have no idea how to test or fix either of those, since it seems like it’s under dream host’s domain, but i thought i’d ask for input here in case there’s something i can do.