Sql server not found

I think this is my second time logging into mysql and when I click on phpmyadmin, I can’t log into the sql server anymore. I get a “server not found” webpage. I haven’t touch anything and have no idea why it would say that. The hostname and database are all up and running, I’ve created these perhaps 3 weeks ago and was able again successfully login thru PHPmyadmin, but now it won’t find the server. I’ve refreshed the DNS’s and no luck. Have you guys any troubles like this? any knowledge sharing would be very much appreciated.

Thank you

If you are following a link from within Panel and it is failing, one thing you might try is to create a new Hostname and attempt to connect via that.

Panel > Goodies > MySQL Databases :: Add New Hostname

Try using a random string with a dreamhosters subdomain or something. [randomstring].dreamhosters.com