SQL Query errors on phpBB

Hi, Users cant register (sql error) or view posts since last visit on my phpbb (http://www.micruisin.com/forums) as of about 5:30 yesterday. I didn’t edit any php files, and really, the errors just started popping up out of nowhere, because it was fine at about 12:30 or so. Here are my errors:

When users try to click “I Agree to these terms and am over 13 years of age,” I get this:

Could not delete stale confirm data


SQL Error : 2013 Lost connection to MySQL server during query

DELETE FROM phpbb_confirm WHERE session_id NOT IN (‘001c0ed5c137bd28e2844454b88d3784’, ‘0032c40b54b157d6ab51b53147c8a4c1’, ‘00644b760200528f793d734fab68a9e0’,

there are a million more of those strings after that. I get a similar error when users click view posts since last visit:

Error #1
Could not delete old search id sessions

Line : 137
File : /home/.irony/micruisin/micruisin.com/forums/getdaily.php
SQL : DELETE FROM phpbb_search_results WHERE session_id NOT IN (‘001c0ed5c137bd28e2844454b88d3784’, ‘0032c40b54b157d6ab51b53147c8a4c1’, ‘00644b760200528f793d734fab68a9e0’, ‘0064db08fc48b19639d810bf615a070a’, ‘006940a619c666cf879479c37b1b45bb’, ‘007096dd535d8fffd688b1e4b82424f5’

I appreciate the support. Does this have anything to do with the server downtime as of late? How can I fix this?

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DELETE FROM phpbb_search_results WHERE session_id NOT IN (list of search ids)Sounds like the culprit. This query provides a list of session ids and informs the server to remove each row whose session id is not in the list. If it is a really long list and/or there are many rows, the query might take too long. If I were you, I’d try clearing out the php_search_results table using phpMyAdmin and see if that resolves the issue.

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yeah, that’s what I figured becaues there are a LOTTTTT of session ids. So, I emptied the table, and I still got the same error. Anyways, I contacted dreamhost via support, they said I did experience some downtime, and that they fixed it. Early this morning everything worked like it should, and then all of a sudden, it didn’t work again. Another hour later: it worked again. I don’t know what’s up

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Seems to be working now, though all I did was click on the “I agree to these terms” button again.

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Yeah, I setup a cron job to empty the phpbb_sessions table every 4 hours, haven’t had any problems since then. Hopefully it’s fixed now, thanks for the help!

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