SQL die?

hey all, just wondering if the sql servers are acting funny for anyone, I was getting help with the creation of an admin panel for a site I’m making and I connect to my batabase and the tables are gone and I have an option to create a database, but the panel says theres still 176kb of database in it, so anythoughts, and before you ask, yes, I forgot to backup the database lastnight -_-

There are several differnet database servers, so it’s hard to say if other people are on the same server as you and also having problems.

Support will be able to help you out. They make regular backups of your databases, they just don’t have a system when you can access them. Just let support know you need a restore, and give hem the best timeline you can for finding a good backup.

I think it says the database usage is only updated once a day or there abouts, so perhaps that is why it’s still showing data?