SQL Database name

I am trying to create my first database, when I name it as “Test” or “temp” or “wp_blog” it says, a database already exists for with the same name for the user ! (though i am the only registered user for my domain!)

Why does this happen ? how can I resolve it ?

The database servers are shared, and database names must be unique. Unique means there can be only one! So just pick a name that no one else would use. Like prepend it with your initials or something, like “abc_wp_blog”

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I find the best way to insure a unqiue db name is to base it on your domain name. Forexample: wp_domain, temp_domain, etc.

I use the following convension for naming my DBs, always unique:

(I also have a convension for usernames, too, but for obvious releasons I won’t post that. :slight_smile: )