SQL Database connection from excel

I am trying to access mysql.mydomain database from microsoft excel but I keep getting errors like error 40: cannot connect. A much similar error 26. Or latest, error 18: internal connection fatal error.

Has anyone on dreamhost attempted connecting their sql database to excel or could do so? It may be a simple manner of putting right settings in. I do not even know how to test if my remote access is working properly. Any info or links to guides are welcome other than dreamhost’s guide to third party database connection that i’ve read.

PS: I had already allowed remote access to my public IP in the database user setting. Even tried wildcard %.%.%.%

Seems to be some issue with excel itself as mysql plugin for excel worked just find following the same steps. Please feel free to answer for those who need that functionality specifically but for my purposes, I used “MySQL for Excel” add in.

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