Sql cron backup

i have followed the wiki for automatic backup of a database using this syntax

of course exchange example for my username and password , but it doesn’t work

Certainly someone that knows how to follow a wiki and paste code into a forum using code blocks knows that saying “it doesn’t work” isn’t very helpful. What happens when it doesn’t work? Is there an error message? Is a file created? What specific page in the wiki contains the instructions that you were following?

I use the following routinely:

note that if you are using the -p switch, I’m pretty sure there is no space between the switch and the password:

[quote] -p, --password[=name]
Password to use when connecting to server. If password is
not given it’s solicited on the tty. WARNING: Providing a
password on command line is insecure as it is visible
through /proc to anyone for a short time.

On that note, if I understand the manual correctly, you should probably not actually type the password in the command. You should just type [font=Courier]-p[/font] and enter the password interactively. This not only keeps the password out of /proc but also out of your history.

Can anyone confirm my understanding here?

it’s all good , got it sorted out
it was the spaces causing the problems