SQL connections question

I’m helping someone set up their phpBB3 with another hosting service. Yesterday, with just three of us there moving things around, we started having database errors. After some research, it was discovered that the webhost only allowed so many connections to the database at once and, with just 3, we’d exceeded that. WTF?

Anyway, regardless, they now say they must get the next plan up (roughly 5x more than the current fee) in order to support the board which, when fully moved, will have roughly two hundred or more members.

Let’s pretend I haven’t a clue about all this. How many “connections” to the mySQL does DH allow? The administrator is wanting to move the site to DH now but wants to ensure she’s not going to have the same issue.

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All I know about database connections, I learned here:

With that in mind, a plain ol’ connection count doesn’t tell you much. It’s the queries that tax the system. If you’re doing a massive database update, that’s going to tax the system; especially if three people are hammering on the database at once. Once it’s all set up, one standard phpBB3 forum isn’t going to overburden the system.