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I wonder if anyone can help me in two areas:-

  1. I just created new host account on DH and have installed phpbb. Problem is that I haven’t updated my DNS to point my domain to DH yet because I want to restore data and test phpbb first. Result is that I can’t use phpMyAdmin from control panel because it points to mysql.mydomain.com. Any idea on how I can test out/upload into my new phpbb?

  2. Is there anyway to turn MySQL Strict mode to off. An app I would like to run can only run with Strict Mode off. Since I can’t access MySQL.ini directly, afaik, I can’t comment out the strict mode line.

You can use the process described in this Dreamhost Wiki article about viewing a site before DNS changes to acomplish what you want to do (be sure and also read the article on Accessing your Database before DNS changes, which is linked in the first article!).


While you can’t get at the Dreamhost MySQL.ini file and/or change it, you can always manipulate the mode with a query (there is a good article about the pros and cons of doing this, and some examples on the MySQL AB site, and of course, more info the the MySQL manual)

My databases that are running MySQL 5 (5.0.24a-standard-log) don’t show strict mode set when checking the variables via PhpMyAdmin or via a query (SHOW GLOBAL VARIABLES LIKE ‘sql_mode’:wink: ; you may not have to do anything at all on Dreamhost. While PHP 5 defaults to strict mode, it looks as though Dreamhost may have elected to not use strict mode by default (which would be reasonable, considering how many applications might be “borked” if they didn’t :wink: ).


Hi rlparker

Thanks for the links. I had already got the subdomain working at dreamhosters.com so that was OK. The link to sqladmin was very helpful and I have got it going now. Dreamhost has put me on Sql5 but as you pointed out, it appears they have strict mode switched off which means my script runs OK.

So thank you for your help!

You’re welcome, and I’m glad things are working well for you! :slight_smile: