Spunky not so spunky :(

Spunky has croaked and yes i have reported this to support - however, it appears like they have a far more serious problem on their hands…looks like (AS USUAL) they have reported that everything is A-OK even though it isn’t - there must be a chapter on ‘plausible deniability’ in the employee handbook or something :stuck_out_tongue:

<Major networking issue.
Posted 2 hours, 6 minutes ago (October 2nd, 2007 at 2:31 pm PST) by JamesH

Severity: High Resolved: Yes

We are currently experiencing a major issue with our network that is affecting all sites and services. The admin team is working to fix things right now. We’ll post when we have more information.

Update: Services seem to be returning to normal, watch this space for more updates.>


“Services seem to be returning to normal, watch this space for more updates,” which is what they actually “have reported”, seems to me to be quite a bit different than “everything is A-OK”. :wink:

That said, “everything is A_OK” accurately paraphrases the state of my domains, and mail. As others have reported, there was a very short connectivity problem earlier this afternoon, but that was resolved, for my sites and mail, within a few minutes. I’m glad they posted the status on the status blog, and I found their report to be useful and accurate (“AS USUAL”).

I’m sorry “spunky” seems to be giving you trouble, and hope the situation is resolved, for you, soon! :slight_smile:



I guess I misinterpreted their Resolved:YES ‘highlighted in green’ :stuck_out_tongue:

<Major networking issue.
Posted 6 hours, 8 minutes ago (October 2nd, 2007 at 2:31 pm PST) by JamesH

Severity: High Resolved: Yes>

I guess ‘Yes’ can mean a variety of things :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, “Yes” does mean “Yes”! :slight_smile: I’m just suggesting that “resolving” the “network problem” they were reporting may, or may not, have resolved the issue you are experiencing. Apparently it didn’t.

With so many servers, it could well be that there is more than one issue happening at a time. I’ve no doubt that every issue (particularly those that seem limited in scope) doesn’t get a dreamhoststatus.com report; it could be that yhour problem was a different one altogether. :wink:

Even when there is no actively reported/tracked issue on dreamhoststatus.com, I wager someone, somewhere, is having a problem.

Again, I hope they get if fixed for you quickly. :slight_smile:


Sorry for butting in, but I always think of “Resolved: Yes” in the status blog as: “We’ve found a problem that might have caused the problems everyone’s been experienced. We have corrected that problem and we’re going to continue to test and look for other problems, but at this point everyone should start testing their sites and submit new tickets if there’s still something awry.”

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No reason to apologize, you surely are not “butting in”! :wink:

I think of “Resolved” much the same way you do, particularly with “general” problems.


FWIW, it looks like Spunky is back to regular speeds, after several days of what you could say is extreme slowness (both on heavy IMAP and light webmail checking).

(Of course, this is literally as of just several minutes ago, so it could always change later – but, Spunky is usually Just Fine (from several months of use).)