Sporatic email attachments

Is there any reason that our emails SOMETIMES don’t receive emails with attachments and sometimes do? It doesn’t matter the size of the file… it seems completely random.


not sure what your problem is, but is it happening when you recieve mails or send mail (or both)? I’m having some issues myself, where send mail is resend from the mailserver after a few hours… what mailserver are you on?


you can send them from any email-- on our account or outside accounts(we’ve tried gmail and yahoo to send out of) and we won’t get them at all. I think we’re on spacey.

I seem to be having the same problem. Did anyone come up with a solution? E-mails with attachments (even small attachments ~250k) aren’t being received at all on my end. They don’t even appear in the junkmail folder.

I’m apparently on mailserver spunky.