Sporadic site speed problems


Is anyone else experiencing site speed fluctuations (with user domains, not dreamhost.com)? Sometimes it loads a 2K page on my site immediately, and sometimes it takes several minutes(!!).

I have a big presentation coming up (that I was hoping to use the site for), and being a new customer, am not sure if this is a common occurrance with dreamhost.

Could these be residual issues that come with getting a new domain and having it propogate through the web? Seems doubtful as sometimes the speed is quite good and sometimes not.


Is there any dynamic content on the page, or is it just static HTML? Does your site use a database at all? What’s the domain you’re seeing this with? If you try to load our site (or another DreamHost site), do you see the same problems? Is the problem more noticable at a particular time of day? Do you see the problem when connecting from multiple locations?

Can you try to get a few people in other locations to see if they are also having this problem?

The short answer is no.

Thanks for your reply Will.

As of this morning, the site seems to be blazing along, but I’ll keep monitoring it throughout the day. To answer some of your questions…

The site is winterbrood.com, and its currently just flat (placeholder) pages. The couple of pages up now are:

I noticed slow-down from my work PC during the afternoon on Wednesday (3/10) and in the evening from home (after 7). Dreamhost (main site, panel) and other dreamhost-hosted sites (I checked out some sites-of-the-month) loaded fine when I checked last night.

Again, it seems to be fine this morning. Maybe it was some freak performance issue yesterday.


Hey, Devol,

Did an nslookup on your host and saw you’re on sake like me. I’ve had the speed issues occuring consistently since the beginning of this week.

I spoke with one of the support folks yesterday and they said they’d found someone with a page that was killing the rest of the server and disabled it. Things were fine for a bit but I’m currently seeing the issues again as well.

At least I’m not alone. The site is still exhibiting slowdown, and has throughout the day. Now webmail and control panel are down too, and that seems to be a widespread problem.

Will, do you have any updates on what’s going on and any resolution eta?



The webmail and panel issues are separate, and are being worked on. That’s obviously a big concern for us.

As far as your particular problem, it looks like the instance of Apache you’re on is hitting its limit for concurrent connections - probably due to one or two busy sites. I will get this looked into.

I did restart it, so for now, things are loading nice and fast.

Will, I know you are investigating both the control panel and Sake server slow-down issues, and have your hands full.

I just wanted to let you know that the server reset didn’t fix the slow-down issue. I have a client presentation coming up of pages hosted here: www.winterbrood.com/kbp . If I can’t load the pages, or if they load painfully slowly, things may not go well (and you might lose the potential customer in my client).

I suppose my main question is whether this site performance is considered regular by Dreamhost. I know some hosts pack their servers past capacity and to them slow speeds are acceptable, and if this is acceptable performance, I’ll stop regarding it as a defect and posting here.

Thanks again,


Hey Devol,

Nope it definitely isn’t normal, it turns out another domain on your apache was running this: http://www.gnucleus.com/gwebcache/ which is a p2p thing for caching popular websites or something like that!

He’s taken it down now, but the problem is gnutella users are still trying to access it on the network. So he’s getting a lot of traffic. Of course that should be no problem, since all he’s returning is a 404 error. The problem is though, the requests being sent are HUGE (whole websites I think?). So even though his site is basically down, your apache keeps getting all these requests and it takes a long time just to read them and is getting bogged down. It should get better in time as the requests stop coming in though… :frowning:

What I did for you just as a temporary thing for your meeting is copied your whole website to http://wwww.dreamhost.com/kbt/ which you can go to if there are problems still with your site’s speed tomorrow.

I’ll keep it up through tomorrow. I did notice a bunch of missing pages on your site… I hope that’s known by you!


Thanks for the explanation Josh, and for mirroring the site on the main dreamhost server!

The site is still partially in creative development so those missing pages will be plugged in soon. If all goes well, you’ll have another customer coming your way in no time.