Sponsor request (Nirvana-Gaming)

Hello my name is Christopher Lie, known as EyePro in Nirvana-Gaming clan. We are a counter-strike 1.6 clan - very good known ingame. At the moment we are searching sponsors, and we came up with DreamHost! We got webpage, not very good one, but I am fixing a new one right in this moment.
If you want to look at the easy page we got, the URL is: www.nva.clans.net
We got GSC Voice channel.
We had a server up public before.
We are very known.
We got IRC channel.

We was wondering if you want to sponsor us with like, hosting a webpage, or hosting a server. And we will off course reklam for you on server / page. =)

If you want furter information, please feel glad to mail me on my mail: lie-meister@hotmail.com =)

BEST regards, Christopher Lie (EyePro)

This is a customer-to-customer forum. You can contact dreamhost directly via their contact form.

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