Splitting up my web and email services

Hi all. New member to DH. I emailed support but I also wanted to get some feedback from you guys about this.

My companys website is doing in Microsoft .ASP so DH is out of the question for that. But my company wants IMAP so we went with DH. Whats the best way to go about point the MX to dreamhost and my NS to DiscountASP.net? My current registrar is godaddy.net.

Any help is definately appreciated.

Support should probably do this for you, you can do it yourself from the web panel but if you dunno what you’re doing, just ask support to point it for you.

I did the opposite once pointing the email MX record to a corporate mailserver and hosting the web with Dreamhost. I asked support to do it (they recommended I do so if I didn’t know what I was doing) and they took care of it.


A few things…

  1. If just web services are elsewhere, you don’t need to point the NS records to them - if they can give you an IP address to point to, you can just disable the web service from the panel (on our end), and point the site to the IP address they give you.

  2. Alternately, you can setup the domain, and disable all services other than mail services, and point the MX records to the proper ones (you’d need to ask support to find out the proper MX records for your group of machines).

IMAP mail is a pretty standard offering, so you might see if the other host can also handle your mail services (of course, if they’re an M$ shop exclusively, you might want to avoid that).


oh, DiscountASP.net has IMAP, but they have a fixed 5MB quota per mailbox. IMO, Dreamhost is great for a small corporate IMAP solution because its so darn flexible. I’d use them for web too if our webmaster didn’t require her work to be done in Microsoft.

I have the 9.95 plan. Can I leave the DNS record w/ godaddy and just modify the NS and MX accordingly? (We don’t have a static for the website, so just pointing it to the IP is out. ) …Or is it wise to transfer the domain to DH and just swap my NS settings there?

I would personally recommend switching the DNS if you can. But if not, the mxs will be “mx1.[blah].mail.dreamhost.com” and “mx2.[blah].mail.dreamhost.com” where blah is the name of your “cluster”. You can do a query of the MX records for another domain hosted on the same account to figure out which (or ask support). If the account is a new account, it’ll be mx(1,2).spunky.mail.dreamhost.com.

i’m actually ballin’ was schnapps and spork. :-p

Thanks for the feedback. Now i’ll just wait for support to pickup my ticket and confirm it all.

Those are your web and mail machines (respectively), but the MXs should point to mx1.spunky.mail.dreamhost.com. and mx2.spunky.mail.dreamhost.com (with equal weight).

You would want to set whatever hostname you’re retrieving mail (e.g., mail.example.com) from to all 4 of these IPs: (a1.spunky.mail.dreamhost.com) (a2.spunky.mail.dreamhost.com) (a3.spunky.mail.dreamhost.com) (a4.spunky.mail.dreamhost.com)