Splitting up Domain and its subdomains to 2 separate VPS?


I currently have a domain and its subdomains on a single VPS.
I would like to move the subdomain running WordPress to a separate VPS, while keeping the subdomains on the original VPS.

www.example.com (WordPress) ----> VPS2
app1.example.com ----> VPS1
mobile.example.com ----> VPS1

What’s the best, least intrusive way to do this from the DH panel?

I have already purchased a new VPS.
Do I just edit the main domain (example.com) and create a new user on the new VPS under: Run this domain under the user

This seems like the right path, but I’m not sure what complications are a-waiting for me down the line. Are there issues I need to be aware of (www.example.com does have a unique IP assigned to it through DH - is that an issue?)

Is there a better way to accomplish this?

Hello azabraxas,

The simplest way would be to move them from your panel by as shown in this article here:https://help.dreamhost.com/hc/en-us/articles/215945947-How-do-I-move-a-single-domain-from-Shared-hosting-to-a-private-server-

The only difference is that you’d be choosing from one VPS to another instead of shared hosting.

I hope this info helps but if you run into any issues be sure to reach out!


Thanks for the reply!
I found that article, but was hesitant as it was from Shared to VPS, and wasn’t sure if the same would apply in this situation.
Thanks so much, I’ll be trying it out tomorrow!


I tried this out and it looks like it has moved.
However the site, a WordPress site, no longer loads.
The domain is the same.
Could something have gone wrong during the move?
Is there some setting I need to adjust?

DNS Propagation Checker shows everything ok…
(plus I can’t load it typing in IP), so not that…

I can access server via the shell (SFTP, SSH) with new user.

Thanks for any help!!

Got on a chat with support, and they were able to see the site fine!

There was no problem with the moving…
I needed to flush my local DNS:

okay, now i sleep…

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