Split the Account? Make a new Plan? (please help)

I’ve been trying to figure out how I can separate one domain from my account in such a way that it would have the same status as if it were hosted by a completely separate DH plan.

I tried a number of different possible search strings on the wiki, and haven’t found an answer to this dilemma (probably because people are usually smarter than this) :s

The site I need to separate has over 200 pgs of content, 20+ email addresses, announcelist, discussion list and phpBB forum and the obvious answer might be to move the other, smaller simpler domains to a new plan but I have a $97 referral credit against this account no. that I understand is not transferable, and wondered if you can have two plans under one webID?

I’m the only admin for these domains right now, but the complicated one is going to be transferred to someone else and I won’t have a role in it any more, so I need to have it completely separated.

Would really appreciate any suggestions on how to sort this out.


You definitely need to talk to DH support.

I would suspect that you will have to have the “someone else” create a hosting account at dreamhost for this to work.

But DH support are the only ones that can tell you the REAL story. There are some limitations as to domain movement under DH plans.

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Thanks for the note, wholly, I was thinking pretty much the same. : \

For my understanding of the terms, if the new account do not use promocode and referral and so fully paid, you can transfer your domains there.

Of cause, the support is the only sources for a final say.

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If the domain was created under the “free” domain of the hosting plan that was created with a promo code, there are reports that DH will not transfer it anywhere within DH.

The idea is that they don’t want you signing up for a fresh hosting plan every year with a new promo code.

That’s why I recommended asking DH. You might end up having to transfer the current account to the “other person” and start a new one for yourself. But only DH can tell you the best way.

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