Split site across accounts?

I have a site that has a static component (old-school ‘home pages’) and an associated IPB forum and Coppermine gallery. Taken in the aggregate, it’s getting busy enough to be a CPU concern. I can’t afford a dedicated server (not even close). It occurs to me that if I split out either the forum or the gallery (they are the big CPU consumers) to a fresh Level 1 account, I could spread the load around a bit by being on different servers. My question is how best to do that when my site is configured with the forum and gallery in subdirectories, like so:

www.example.com <-- home page
www.example.com/forum <-- forum
www.example.com/gallery <-- gallery

So if I have a new account, and a new domain (comes free with new account) and I essentially copy the /forum over to a new domain, is there a way to somehow get the old www.example.com/forum to point to the new location and preserve the original URL in order to maintain site identity?

What I’m really after is that all the generated URLs in a forum (topics and posts, etc) are formed with www.example.com/index.php?blah-blah-blah etc. so as not to break a ton of existing links, bookmarks, and so on.

Any other approaches to splitting server load across separate accounts? Is this possible at all?

Or am I doomed to starting over with my community with a new address and separate identity?

I don’t think there’s any way to do this redirection to another server without changing the URL.

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OK, thanks. It was easiest to move the gallery so I just went with a similar-sounding domain name and did some htaccess mumbo-jumbo on the old URLs to break as few links as possible.