Just wondering how fast DreamHost is? Is there a file I can download from the servers to test or a web site hosted by DreamHost that I can browse?

Thanks in advance!

Sure, try this file on one of my sites (on the ‘Bixel’ server)…


You can find lots of websites hosted on DreamHost by browsing the previous winners of the ‘DreamHost Site Of The Month’ contest in the wiki. These sites should give you a fair idea of the speed of DreamHost hosting.


Edit: changed link above. :slight_smile:


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[quote]Sure, try this file on one of my sites (on the ‘Bixel’ server)…

I am amazed that you should post this, frankly. You may know what this is, but only the half-witted would click on a direct link to an executable file they didn’t know about.

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Sorry about that, I wasn’t thinking. The file was the only decent sized file that happened to be sitting on my server at the time. To be truthful, I didn’t even give the file type a second thought. I have now edited the link.

The original file was safe enough, it was the dot net framework package retrieved directly from Microsoft via WGET, but yeah, I guess it could have been a 20MB trojan. :slight_smile:

Well, they’d have to choose to execute it after downloading, but I do understand your point.

Edit: By the way, the Apache log shows that 3 ‘half-wits’ clicked on the link since I put it there, but none completed the download, so I guess the world is still safe from the evils of .net :slight_smile:


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LOL. The world is going to hell in a handbasket.

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I’m on the Krackel server, and it is very, very… slow. Most average about 25-40 kB/s. If you sign-up, make sure you tell them to put you elsewhere.

While I’m here, do Dreamhost mind moving accounts to faster servers on request? I could download Raz’s file at over 120kB/s, while my primary file was 28kB/s. My site only consists of a few HTML, JPG, and a couple of Quicktimes, but the Quicktimes are around 50MB, and they take people 30 minutes to download :frowning:

I checked on your server and it doesn’t have very many people or any heavy users on it cpu wise, but the load was really high (but without any obvious cause). Restarting the webservers fixed everything so it was a side effect of a website script crashing. Try your download speeds now. If they are still slow or if you see the server act up again run the command “uptime” from the command line and send a message to support letting them know about the problem and what the load was on your server. If we can find the runaway or crashing script we will remove it. Also we can always replace the server hardware and/or move you to another server if the problem persists.

Hi all. How is the upload speed?

Thanks Michael, I’ll contact you guys using support to further fix this problem :slight_smile:

When uploading from my home connection (1536Kbit/256Kbit) I see a fairly constant 24KByte/s, which is close to the limit of my connection.

When using WGET to retrieve files directly from (fast) remote servers, I generally see 1.5 to 2MByte/s.


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Hi all.

The reason I ask is because I’ve been shopping before and just cancelled a 2 year subscription with another hosting provider because speed was an issue. I’ve also read a couple of threads accross these boards where people talk about speed issues. This is mainly the control panel but also some up and download issues. Are these incidents or is this a problem more people are having?

I am curious because speed is important to me and I do not want to cancel another account :-(. Many thanks in advance.

Also, on a side note, but speed related ;-), how fast is Dreamhost support?


I am about to sign up with DH. I emailed them 4 questions via their sales inquiry contact form on Wednesday 6/28 at 2:20 P.M. and I received a reply back at 3:11 P.M. (on Wed.) I thought that was superb! Even better, my questions were all answered and specifically and individually addressed. It was a very friendly and helpful reply.

I can’t speak for DH regulars or the actual technical support area, but I’m pleased thus far and I have a friend who has been with them for years and she is happy with them.


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Other than the obvious potential for network saturation from many users, I really think the download max is related to location, and the infrastructure linking the client/server. My friend works on the iTunes portal out west, and he swears that he honestly sees in excess of 3MBytes/s from my host on occasion. Fastest I’ve seen is 800KBytes/s, but that’s still way fast. I’ve been able to upload at a max of 300KBytes/s, but I am pretty sure it was all based on my connection limitations.

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Website speed is heck of lot better than my previous host than again I’m only serving pages and images.

Support speed is awesome! I emailed a question about bulk domain transfers and received a friendly response within the hour.

I cannot stress how impressed I am with just the friendlyness of the support. :slight_smile:

Thanks all. Sounds good so far.

Our company has been with DH over 6 years, the past 3 as a dedicated server customer (mostly due to complacency and just being too busy to look elsewhere). But we’re finally going to make a move (the pain of staying became greater than the pain of researching/finding a new host!). I can answer a lot of questions you might have about the service - email me at cdemarco@nj.rr.com.

Carmine DeMarco

Is there a site that can measure the speed similar to some that allows you to measure the uptime of your server?
BTW, how do you know what server you’re on?

You mean like a site that measures your servers speed at regular intervals? I don’t know of any such service, but I can imagine such a service would have to retrieve a reasonable sized file from your server to check speed and could result in inflated bandwidth usage.

If you log-in to your domain using SSH, you will see your servers machine name in BIG ASCII characters.

or you can just go to Users -> Manage Users in the panel and look under the Machine column. :slight_smile:


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I use siteuptime.com

It checks my domains every hour and alerts me when they go down, which has been a lot of late.