Speed result of dreamhost? Considering moving my construction site


I have a construction, diy and contractor site that is currently hosted with Godaddy, but I’m considering moving it as I’m not happy with the load speed of Godaddy.

Where can I see how fast DreamHost websites load compared to other hosting providers?

that is hard question to answer.

First, Dreamhost has many products from inexpensive shared hosting to VPS, Dedicated, DreamCompute, Dreampress etc. There are also many options such as google pagespeed, Cloudflare, etc.

You don’t say what your site is based off, if its wordpress and you want to compare to wordpress sites you would need to know the exact configurations of those sites to base any comparison. Sometimes sites are well optimized with plug-ins that all play nice with each other, sadly there are many at both dreamhost and godaddy where the site developer is a content oriented person and not as technically proficient as necessary, and as a result the sites load horibbly, and then they add this plug-in and that plug-in to try and make it better.

Maybe if you told us more about your needs and traffic volume someone could give you something more solid.

Hi LakeRat,

Thanks for the reply

I have the following sites:

All three sites get around 200 visitors a day so it’s not a lot but as it’s home owners looking for contractors, the value per visitor is quite high, which is why I am looking into types of hosting that might seem disproportionately expensive for the amount of visitors.

They’re all using wordpress. All of them are using WP Super Cache. I’m not super technical so I don’t really know what other information might be relevant. There’s no backend. The contact form used by the users is javascript from their server and shouldn’t be affected by my hosting as far as I know.