Speed of Support

I opened a ticket and exactly 31 minutes later I got an answer that was very helpful. Bravo DreamHost!!
Anybody a better score?

I actually got one in 17 minutes last week, but that was unusual. :slight_smile: It sure is nice, though, when the response is quick like that!


That is really fast.

From what I’ve experienced before, they reply fast only when I send an ticket titled “OMG”.

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You should, however, remember the story of “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” when being tempted to tag your support request as “OMG People are dying!”. I’ve been hosting here since 1998, and I don’t think I’ve ever used that (including when I got my 17 minute response).

Sure, there are times when it might be appropriate, but for most of the stuff you need to talk to support about, it is not. Using it just to speed the response time, rather than as an indication of the seriousness of the problem, is likely to work against you over time. :wink:


I opened a ticket at 9pm EST last Friday night, fully expecting to check first thing in the morning and prepared to accept disappointment since it was after hours on a Friday night…first response was within an hour, then back and forth a few more times and the issue was resolved shortly past midnight. The only delay was that I wasn’t sitting at the computer or I’m sure it would have been even quicker. I was quite surprised, satisfied and impressed by the service.

Neither have I.

I have never experienced a problem serious enough to warrant it. On the rare occasions where my sites have been down, they are usually back up before I can submit a support request.

I have noticed support response times have been faster lately, it seems the extra support staff that DreamHost hired recently is paying dividends.


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